Jean de Kervasdoué – La fuite des cerveaux

Le Point – 05.04.2021 Par Jean de Kervasdoué Pourquoi donc, en économie ou en sciences, nos plus grands talents partent-ils exercer ailleurs ? Notre chroniqueur nous livre quelques explications. Àl’instar des

Bertrand Badré: Europe’s ESG Opportunity

11.02.2021 – Project Syndicate Olivia Grégoire & Bertrand Badré Far from being a purely technical matter, assessing firms’ non-financial performance is a deeply political issue. Europe’s inclusive governance model may

A Global Pandemic Alarm Bell

Jan 26, 2021 – Project Syndicate Jean Pisani-Ferry The appearance of mutant versions of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil has given the world no choice

Towards the Second Crusade?

Editorial, January 26, 2021 Europeans first grew aware of a possible pandemic exactly one year ago. The wave is here. It has submerged the world, claiming many lives and causing