6 Months Into War, Ukraine and Russia Are Both Reshaped

It has been six months since Russian forces swept into Ukraine. This is what the conflict looks like for the combatants, and to a worried continent trying to maintain solidarity.

Ukraine paraded captured Russian armored vehicles on Saturday in Kyiv’s Maidan Square, the site of a 2014 uprising against Russian influence.

Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

For six months, a major land war has sown horror in Europe.

It is a war in which violence and normality coexist — death and destruction at the 1,500-mile front and packed cafes in Kyiv, just a few hundred miles to the west.

It is a war fought in trenches and artillery duels, but defined in great part by the political whims of Americans and Europeans, whose willingness to endure inflation and energy shortages could shape the next stage of the conflict.

And it is a war of imagery and messaging, fought between two countries whose deep family ties have helped turn social media into a battlefield of its own.

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