“It is the time to build ‘Mobile One Asia’ to integrate Asian countries into one via mobile.”

‘One Asia,’ a new Paradigm to drive a growth amid the global imbalance Economy, has Evolved to a higher level in combination with Mobile Technology and Big data. On Wednesday, Chang Dae-Hwan, Chairman of Maekyung Media Group, Presented HIS Vision of ‘Mobile One Asia’ during at World Policy Conference (WPC) held at Contad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul. During the plenary session of “The Economic and Political consequences of the Revolution of Big Data,” Chang said Mobile is Becoming an Infrastructure System beyond just technology, and using this can lead to Asian integration and prosperity, emphasizing the use of the vision. The session was Attended by Harvard Professor Joseph Nye Also. “Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said only an Age of Mobile Mobile is Coming Beyond first and this is led by Asia. Yes, it is, “Adding” One Asia Mobile Asia INTO One in 2020 and will integrate Bring Prosperity. “The Vision is based on the potential of Bid data, Often called ‘new crude oil,’ Which driver that is emerging as a Key will shake up the global economic landscape. With the penetration of mobile devices, it becomes easy to collect data, the feedstock of bid data. In Particular, Asia has Comparative Advantage of Mobile Compared to Other areas so it can lead the Big ERA data.