Memduh Karakullukçu

Memduh Karakullukçu is the Vice-Chairman and Founding President (2009-2019) of the Global Relations Forum (GRF) in Istanbul. Previously, he advised Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) President and served as the Founding Managing Director of ITU ARI Science Park, Istanbul’s leading technology entrepreneurship community. Earlier in his career, he worked as a specialist in structured finance in London and Istanbul. He studied electrical engineering and economy (BS) at MIT, finance (MSc) at the LSE and law (JD) at Columbia University. Karakullukçu is a regular commentator at international fora, carving an intellectual space at the interface of geopolitics, geoeconomics and technology. His policy work includes technology and development, technology and security, global energy dynamics, European energy security and global economic/financial governance.