PM Pushes Negotiators to Make Good Impressions for EU Talks

Prime Minister Edi Rama has given Sunday his instructions to the team of negotiators for the process of opening negotiations on the road of European integration.

On the side of the the new chief negotiator, Majlinda Dhuka Rama explained the reasons for the changes in the government while asking the team that will represent Albania in Brussels to make a positive impression with their work.

“We are no longer in the conditions of an interaction with the so-far intensity. It is fundamental that each of you guarantees with work, seriousness, the quality of materials, communications and interaction that Albania is viewed with respect at every step. The respect we have gained in the political aspect, I want to gain in the technical aspect. I want the Albanian team to create a positive impresison in Brussels.

I have had the opportunity to know and appreciate most of your qualities and I have had the opportunity to see them in a certain progress. Some of the deputy ministers have been on this road since the beginning of time. The challenge is entirely new. It is important to emphasize that the appointment of the new chief negotiator underlines the changing nature of the relationship between us and the EU. Ambassador Mazi did a commendable and diplomatic job. Being a side in this process, until the moment when it was decided to open the negotiations formally.

There is a fundamental difference. There are many people in our administration who cannot be found on Google, but without whom the administration would not be able to function. There are people who have been in office since the early 1990s. They have served the state with modesty. If everything had been left in the hands of those who come in and out as if it were their father’s property, we would have a situation like after the earthquake”, said Rama.

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