President Park casts light on her ‘trustpolitik’ to achieve global peace, stability

In an era where countries are mutually-dependent and intertwined like a spider web, President Park Geun-hye says North Korea’s nuclear development is a grave threat to peace, not only on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia, but to the entire world.

At the annual World Policy Conference in Seoul Monday, the South Korean president referred to her “trustpolitik” plan, which seeks to build trust, expand non-political exchanges and economic cooperation with the North, then in Northeast Asia and beyond across Eurasia.
President Park, however, said Pyongyang should also take the initiative for laying down its nuclear arms so that the international community can help with its economic development.
As for Korea’s complex relationship with China and Japan over historical and territorial differences, the Korean leader said the three countries can do so much more together, in areas such as nuclear safety and tackling climate change, similar to a multilateral process in Europe.
And then came her vision to connect Asia and Europe by constructing energy and logistics infrastructure to spur regional growth and restore stability.
President Park also shared her belief that a reunification of the two Koreas would be a “bonanza” for all of humanity.

“Peaceful unification of the Koreas will open an era of peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia and extend beyond Eurasia to contribute towards bolstering the global governance for world peace and security.”

The three-day forum will also address global issues, including the crisis in Ukraine and the threat of Islamic State militants in the Middle East.