World Policy Conference opened in Doha


Embassy of Ukraine in Qatar

On November 20, 2016 the Ninth session of the International Conference of World Policy, dedicated to the issues of global governance kicked off in Doha.

This year it takes place under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani, who addressed the forum with a welcoming speech.

The Key-speakers of the event were Minister of Foreign Affairs of France H.E. Mr.Jean-Marc Ayrault  and the former Turkish Prime Minister Mr.Ahmet Davutoglu (photo).

The main messages of the French Foreign minister`s address were:

– The international community must build “bridges of trust” between East and West;

– Humanitarian tragedy in Syria was caused by the actions of the Syrian regime;

– Only solidarity and unity of efforts of the whole international community can put an end to terrorism, radicalism and violence;

– The fight against international terrorism requires connecting all major partner countries led by the US, which is currently the strongest economy in the world;

– Today’s world lacks confidence in the future;

– Other most urgent challenges of nowadays are illegal immigration and climate change;

– A policy of isolationism proves to be ineffective;

– Arab world suffers from fragmentation, which should be brought to an end;

– Palestine and Israel have no other way but to live in peace and security that requires unconditional adherence to the relevant UN Security Council resolutions;

In his speech Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu pointed out the following signals:

– The main feature that characterizes today’s world is unpredictability;

– One of the greatest threats to the world is extremism in its various forms;

– The world has not yet recovered from the economic crisis of 2008;

– The world doesn’t maintain a global dialogue, whilst the current situation resembles the events of the late 30 th of the 20-th century on the eve of World War II;

– The way out from the current complex political situation in the world should be provided through inclusiveness of all parties to make them feel common responsibility for the future of the planet.

The conference was attended by a number of European and Arab officials, parliamentarians, diplomats, academics and journalists.

The opening ceremony was attended also by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Qatar Mr. Yevhen Mykytenko.

The event will continue until 22 November 2016.