Mounting tension in Asia

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, or APEC, has 21 members throughout the Pacific Rim in Asia, Australia, Oceania and the Americas. The purpose of the organization, founded on the initiative

China, Japan, and Trump’s America

Oct 4, 2018, Project Syndicate, JOSEPH S. NYE Japan’s anxieties about Donald Trump’s “America First” orientation and protectionist policies are not surprising. When two allies’ defense capacities are not symmetrical, the more dependent

Europe’s Critical Election

Sep 25, 2018 ANA PALACIO Ahead of the European Parliament election in May 2019, nationalist parties across Europe are unifying behind a message that is clear, forceful, and, for many, compelling.

The Case Against Climate Despair

Sep 24, 2018 CARL BILDT The growing severity and frequency of extreme-weather events suggests that climate scientists’ nightmare scenarios must be taken seriously. Fortunately, rapid advances are being made in clean-energy

Making the Most of Emerging Economies

Sep 24, 2018 – BERTRAND BADRÉ Investors may find it tempting to pursue a broad risk-off approach to the entire emerging world, especially in the context of rising global trade tensions. But